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You have found the Ethical Non Monogamy Dating App you have been searching for! We are the open minded ENM Dating App which is purpose built for ALL ENM relationship types and play dynamics. Download & Find your perfect ENM matches today!

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A few ITL ENM Dating App Features

Being in the Ethical Non Monogamy lifestyle requires a feature rich app to help you connect. Check out some of the features we have built for you and your Ethical Non Monogamy journey!

A Useable Free Version!

We hate catfishes so we will never be one! Our free version actually lets you connect and chat!

Built by ENM People

Our entire team is comprised of people into some, or all of what you are! We get what you need in an app!

Ethical Non Monogamy
No Fake Profiles

You will never see us creating profiles in your area to pretend our membership is bigger than it is.

Premium Access

Do you need extra features at a reasonable price – we have them and you will love how they help you stand out!

Easy Ethical Non Monogamy Dating Connections

We are newly launched but are growing every day! When you download the ITL ENM App you can expect new potential playmates and friends to connect with every time you login!

Want to show us some love? Why not give us a review in the app store or a social share to help us grow… we will REALLY appreciate it! You can also learn more about us in the About Page.

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Inside Our ENM Dating App

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Multiple ENM Partners Welcome

Every relationship dynamic is different so we allow for you to be connected to all of your partners. Yes that means more than one partner connection!

ENM Dating Chat Screen

One / One  & Group ENM Chat

Sometimes one on one chat is not enough so we have group chats as well! Both chats are loaded with cool features that will help create great connections!

ITL ENM Interests selection screen

ENM Profiles that make Sense

The first impression is always the most important so our profiles allow you to tell your story visually AND in writing while sharing your preferences and desires.

What Other ENM People are Saying

$0per month
  • A Free Account That You Can Actually Use!
  • Connections
  • Chat
  • Random Ads
  • Smaller Galleries
  • Limited Search Filters
Premium Bi-Annual
$39.996 Month Subscription
  • Unlimited Connections
  • Travel Mode
  • No Ads
  • Admirer Preview
  • Group Chats
  • Timed Photo Share
  • Bigger Galleries
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • And MUCH More!
Premium Monthly
$12.991 Month Subscription
  • Unlimited Connections
  • Travel Mode
  • No Ads
  • Admirer Preview
  • Group Chats
  • Timed Photo Share
  • Bigger Galleries
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • And MUCH More!

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Why Choose The ITL ENM Dating App

We ask ourselves the same question all the time as we continue to work towards being the first choice of ENM Dating Apps. We do not take the task lightly as we know how many open relationship, polyamorous relationship and other relationship type dating apps there are to choose from.

We feel we stand out in the crowd though based on the team and experience we bring to the app world. ITL has been a safe place to meet like minded people since February 2009 and the ITL ENM App is an extension of that safe online community.We invite all relationship types and dynamics with open arms.

If you are interested and seeking poly dating, we are here for you to explore. If you want to experience swinger dating, yes we can help you in that journey or if you are looking for pretty much any other open type of dating or connection scenario chances are you will find a match with our connection making app.

The ITL ENM Dating app offers a host of free dating app features that can be enhanced with a small monthly fee subscription – but they are not required for you to get connected to new friends online. We feature instant dating connections and a world class secure chat function that you can trust is not being monitored or censored. 

We want to be the best poly dating, swingers dating, ENM Dating and open minded connection app in both the Apple and Google app stores – so give us a try!

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