5 Important ENM Relationship Green Flags

5 Important ENM Relationship Green Flags

We have all heard about ENM relationship red flags but did you know there are ENM relationship green flags as well? In your ethical non monogamy journey there is a chance that you will “catch feelings” that you want to grow into a deeper connection. And if that is what happens look for these ENM relationship green flags with those that you are connecting with.

If you possess ENM relationship green flags you’ll be irresistible to others seeking meaningful connections and will draw demisexual people to you organically. And, if/when you find these qualities in others, there’s a chance the relationship will organically expand and move into something much more significant, whether you plan for it or not. 


The first enm relationship green flag is a person that knows and communicates their hard No’s as well as their Have-To-Haves. 

We all know the importance of communication but seldom do we meet people who can clearly identify exactly what works for them and what will have them run in the opposite direction. 

Most people who try to appear as being pleasant will lean towards passivity and pull away from being upfront about the hard lines that we all have. Let’s be honest, saying your boundaries and must haves out loud and sharing them early could save a tonne of time. So please try on tossing the people pleasing out the window and adopt upfrontness for these two things.

 The world needs to know your hard-no’s and your have-to-haves. Without specifying these two things you’ll never give people a chance to really know you. 

Clear Intentions

The second ENM relationship green flag is being able to share what you want out of this new human you’ve just met and be real about it. We are often so concerned about someone not wanting what we want, we hold back on sharing our true intentions. Guess what? The moment we hold back stating your truth is the moment you kill off finding it. 

And the opposite is true once you read/hear someone’s open honest desires you have an instant knowing. That’s all that we all want is to have the chance to choose with power, knowing all the facts. Then we can make a firm yes or a firm no. This is a vital aspect of communication as well as being a transparent participant in the ENM world.

Curious To Discover, Learn & Grow

Our third ENM relationship green flags is one of the greatest feelings in the world. It is when you meet someone who is open and curious to learn more about you and they are open to grow and expand and just feel good about themselves and to help you expand. 

This might seem like a simple green flag but it is one that takes time to develop and years to master. Watch for this one in people, it is one of our favorite ENM relationship green flags.

Open To Feedback

The fourth ENM relationship green flag goes along with our third ENM relationship green flag. 

I think we can all agree when people are open to feedback the game changes. This sets the stage for all thoughts and feelings to be brought to the table and this allows for an extreme level of comfort and compatibility. Creating a safe space for people to share their true selves is one of the sexiest things humans can do for one another. 

Trust And Transparency 

ENM Relationship green flag five is all about the freedom to be yourself with no need to mask or play a role. Shifting relationships from dirty little secrets to integration into other parts of your life is a challenge. It’s easier to begin on the right foot

How are healthy disagreements and disappointments handled? Are they avoided or taken head on – this indicates a level of trust (that the parties will not be hurt by being honest) and a clear ability to have transparency because of that trust.


If you seek more than a one off experience at your local lifestyle club or party seek out these ENM relationship green flags. They will open up the doors of possibility when it comes to building your circle of open minded ENM friends and be a foundation to build lifelong friendships or something even deeper from.