7 Top Tips For Your ENM Dating Profile

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Writing a compelling Ethical Non-Monogamy Dating profile can be hard so here are 7 Top ENM Dating Profile Tips that you can use to put your best self forward!

  1. Have Current Profile Photos

    We all change constantly and so should your ENM Dating Profile Photos! We hear from the members of the ITL ENM App that the first impression is what compels them to look deeper into profile and that starts with your recent photo.

    We have all seen profiles where people use old photos of the glory days of youth; don’t do this! If it is old than 1 year most likely your style, body shape or even your smile lines have changed – Embrace That! It will make that first meeting MUCH more positive from showing your true self.

  2. Don’t Be Ambiguous

    If you want it SAY IT! ENM Dating Profiles let the reader of your profile know exactly who you are so they can determine if there is a potential match before saying hello. In a swipe left or right world people want at a glance information so they can have a glimpse at who you are prior to having a chat conversation.

    By letting them know your key wants and desires you have a much better chance at finding that next connection that might just be the best one to date! Some people might be nervous about putting themselves out there but at the end of the day we are all on the ITL ENM App for similar reasons… and one of the cardinal rules of the Ethical Non-Monogamy Lifestyle is no judgement!

  3. Have A Compelling Bio

    One of the biggest pet peeves we have heard from members since first launching our Open Relationship Lifestyle website in 2009 is that people hate coming across profiles without a bio… or the typical “Will Fill In Later”.

    Making connections takes effort and those that are not willing to put in the minimal amount when creating a profile… well; it doesn’t speak highly of the effort level they are willing to put in. We get that a bio is hard to come up with but that’s part of the fun! Get to know yourself, put it in words and put yourself out there. A little effort goes a long way in showcasing yourself online.

  4. Be Patient Finding a Connection

    Finding people with like interests takes time in all aspects of life, ENM Dating Profile included! There are thousands of potential connections for everyone on the the ITL Ethical Non-Monogamy Dating app so be patient (Build it and they will come kinda patient). Login and swipe on new interesting potential connections and let fate take its course, you can’t push or rush a good ENM connection.

  5. Chat As If You Are Sitting Across the Table

    You wouldn’t put your dick on the coffee table so don’t put it into a chat (unless explicit consent has been given). People want to get to know you in chat to gauge if there is a viable connection – don’t put on a show, be yourself and be open to a yes OR a no, both are valid! Also keep in mind that aggressive, repulsive or rude messages can be reported which can result in a ban from the ITL ENM App. At the end of the day treat others as you wish to be treated, with respect, and you will more likely than not make great connections.

  6. Fill The Pool Every Chance You Get

    Give freely in the complement department and share freely so others can find connections to! Don’t hold back if you see something you love put that in your enm dating profile or send it in a message to a connection. Also tell all your ENM, CNM, Lifestyle of Swinger friends about the ITL Ethical Non Monogamy App to help others make great connections.

  7. Honest Is the Only Rule

    Trust us when we say, people can see through deception and it will only make you look bad in the long run even if you don’t get caught. Singles, be truly single if you say you are. Every couple and single lady out there has heard all the stories before. Couples, be honest about your play preferences and what is allowed within your play dynamics.

    No one should ever feel they need to stretch the truth to lure someone in, being your honest true self is always the best policy both online and in person.

Bonus Tip: The person you are connecting with is a REAL PERSON! Do not treat them as an object, a fantasy or a fetish; treat them with respect and how you would want to be treated. Yes you are taking a risk with your time (sometimes) but in the end it will create a much safer space and potential connection dynamic if you are real and authentic.

We hope these 7 Tips for your ENM Dating Profile will help you navigate your time on the ITL ENM Dating App (or any other app for that matter)!

Happy Swiping!

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