9 Top Questions About A Swingers Vacation

Swingers Vacation Happy Adults

So you have decided that your next travel experience is going to be a sexy one, great! Let’s dive into the top 9 questions we get asked about a swingers vacation and how you can be prepared for your next flight out!

What Is A Swingers Vacation

So what exactly is a swingers vacation? Your mind is probably all over the place right now trying to picture what it is, and isn’t A “swingers vacation” isn’t much different than any other destination travel with the exception of the fact that you will be surrounded by like minded, sexually liberated people.

Just like any other vacation a swingers vacation has you going to some exotic place that will have new culture to immerse yourself into, new foods to try and new languages to learn… but on this vacation you just might see someone having sex beside the pool, or you might be!

Where Are Swingers Resorts And Destinations

Swingers vacations and resorts can be found around the world but there are some that are more highly advertised than others. Tropical destinations make up the majority of where swingers vacations and resorts can be found as they offer predictable weather for little to no clothing when it comes to poolside activities and fun in the sun.

Here are a few swingers resorts and vacation destinations that you might want to check out:

  • Hedonism
    • An all inclusive resort in Jamaica that is very lifestyle friendly. Clothing optional and you can and will see lots of swingers action while there.
  • Desire
    • Pearl, Mansion & Riviera
      • All located in the Cancun region of Mexico – Lifestyle and Swinger oriented resorts which are clothing optional
  • Caliente
    • Near Tampa, Florida this large resort is a full service resort and is a swingers lifestyle playground.
  • Cap D’agde
    • A nudist city, during summer months on the Mediterranean in southeastern France. The naturist section of the town was developed by the French government in the 1960s.

If you want to learn more about the different resorts and swingers vacations that are available to you we recommend checking out Tom’s Trips for the best deals available!

How Should I Prepare For A Swingers Vacation

Do your homework! Nothing is worse than showing up for a vacation and not being prepared for what you might want to do while there. Know the themes that might be planned and bring the outfits or accessories that you will need. Also a very good idea is to seek out others who might be there at the same time as you and get into conversation with them. It will allow you to start to build relationships and friendships that will help you settle into your time at the destination much faster.

We also strongly suggest that you talk to a professional travel agent who is WELL versed in lifestyle travel. They will have insider information, be able to tell you (usually from experience) what a resort is like and might even be able to find you an amazing deal as well.

What To Expect At A Swingers Resort

There are so many variables it is hard to really pin down everything that you might encounter while at a swingers vacation and resort. A big part of any swingers lifestyle vacation is that you are surrounded by like minded adults so there is high potential for pretty much anything taking place.

You will likely see lots of nude sunbathing and will see some very sultry and sexy dance moves in the locations’ club. Will you see people engaged in sex? There is a very good chance! At the end of the day your expectations will likely either be blown out of the water or nowhere near what you expected. We strongly suggest going in with a very open mind and without expectations so that you are open and able to take in anything and everything that you encounter.

What Should I Pack For A Swingers Vacation

This is a BIG question! What is the weather going to be like, do they have specific requirements to enter parts of the resort, are there themes? Are you going to do excursions?

Be sure to pack what you think you might need for all of the above. We have been to resorts that required semi formal wear for some of the dining options as an example so make sure you check out the venue and what it asks you to have as a baseline.

For poolside fun we see it as a little bit of a fashion show so be sure to bring several options. They may get taken off quickly but you will want to have them available for sure. 

Themes – most if not all resorts will have theme nights planned and these are typically posted on the resorts website or will be conveyed to you by the organizers that you booked with. There are typically prizes and games centered around the themes so it’s a very good idea to plan ahead for this one. Keep in mind the themes are not mandatory but we seldom see people not participating. My favorite theme is ABC (anything but clothes) – I always just wear a resort towel to this one 😉

Who Goes To A Swingers Resort

Your neighbors, people that are in your line of work and everyday people. There is not “type” of person that typically goes to swingers resorts and you will see people from all over the world there and from all walks of life.

With this in mind you will also have a multitude of views presented to you while there so we have found keeping some conversations light hearted really helps you steer clear of anything contentious like world events that are currently taking place. Unfortunately for some it can get pretty heated when politics or a few other subjects get brought up…

We have also found that “newbies” tend to go to swingers resorts as they see it as a safe (from running into people they might know back home) way to try on swinging. 

When Is The Best Time To Go To A Swingers Resort

Seasons matter so be sure to look at your desired location and when the prime times of year are. You do not want to go to SouthEast Asia and find yourself in the monsoon season! Another consideration is what is happening while you are there – is there a large takeover planned or is it a typical weeks’ activities? The resort can let you know this as it’s sometimes hard to get into places or activities if there is a takeover and the group has designated areas just for them.

What Are The Rules While There

The same rules that you expect to see at your local club apply at a swingers resort with Consent being the number 1 rule. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the resort expectations and rules so you are clear on what is or isn’t allowed. Never assume anything and always ask for clarification if you are not sure.

The best approach is to treat everyone with respect and dignity, ask meaningful questions and observe before you jump into anything you are not sure of.

Will I Hookup With Swingers While There

Yes… No… Maybe? Like any event, party or all things in between you and the environment/vibe will dictate this. There is never a sure thing when it comes to building a connection so it is a best practice to never expect anything will occur and when/if it does be super grateful for the experience.

Be sure to read our article on communication in enm that will help you make amazing connections while you are on your trip!


Lifestyle and Swingers Resorts are an amazing trip to undertake and can be the most exhilarating of experiences. Go everywhere you can and immerse yourself in the experience with an open mind and you are going to have the best experience!