Our Commitment To Community

Community Love ITL ENM
Since inception in 2009 we have been on a mission to educate, empower and support the ENM lifestyle and the broader sex positive community as a whole.

Via all digital tools at our disposal we are on a mission to break down traditional taboos and educate the world on the importance of acceptance of all regardless of how they identify, love or choose to connect.

One tool that we are invested in is charitable giving as a way in which we can build alliances with organizations and networks. We feel donating time or resources helps build long-lasting friendships and is in the best interest of our community. We think giving more opportunity to like-minded organizations to educate and empower will only strengthen all that are working towards a more inclusive and accepting society.

To this end we periodically select and donate time and/or monetary resources based on a percentage of our company’s overall success. If you have a charitable organization or an ENM lifestyle related entity in your life that you wish to see benefit from our support please reach out to us via the support page and lets see what we can build together!

Community also means we WANT to take part in your important events so please let us know what you have on your calendar and lets see if we can’t add something to your success via our community involvement programs!