Good Giving & Game GGG – Dan Savage

GGG - Good Giving Game

Sex columnist Dan Savage coined the acronym GGG as a way to convey qualities of a good sex partner. “Good” means good in bed, “giving” means giving of equal time and pleasure, and “game” means game (within boundaries and consent we expect) for anything — We love it!

Good, Giving and Game – GGG Dan Savage

Surprisingly we only just learned about the acronym today while doing some admin work on the ITL ENM App and seeing this posted to a new members’ profile. We are always learning and growing even when you have been into the lifestyle for decades! One unique feature that our app has is that it looks at the keywords that people put into their profiles and as they become popular it gives them as recommendations to new users or to those that are editing their own profile preferences. We really hope the acronym GGG Dan Savage coined climbs into the recommendation list quickly!

What do you think a GGG partner would have as attributes; honesty, communication skills and no agenda comes to mind for this writer! Do you think GGG is something you will use or strive to be known as by your partners? We hope so it is!

Can It Go Further?

Everyone adds their own experience and take to any encounter or situation so it only makes sense that GGG – Good, Giving and Game is only a leaping off point for an ENM person. We all want to be the best versions of ourselves while exploring the ENM lifestyle so maybe for some another G for Gifted could be added, or an E for Ethical? Really it can and will be anything you want it to be as you gain perspective and get more immersed in the ENM way of being and loving.

Does It Have to Go So Far?

No, of course not! The beautiful thing about the ENM Lifestyle and all things to do with open relationships is that it truly is a choose your own adventure. Every decision you make and every connection you build will slowly piece together your unique journey and that is an amazing thing!

No two people experience the ENM lifestyle the same way so for you GGG might mean Good, Giving and Game but for someone else it can mean a whole host of other things. Seems perfect right? We always invite people to get deep into conversations and look past the physical enjoyment that ENM brings. Look for the examples and experiences that others are more than willing to share to help you define a path for yourself. You will find the vast majority of people in this lifestyle WANT to help you in your journey and have some wild and crazy experiences that they are yearning for others to learn from.

So next time you are on a date, at a club or at a lifestyle resort – ask someone what they love about their journey and get fascinated by the little bit of GGG (Giving maybe in this case) that they share with you.

GGG Dan Savage… Leave it to Dan Savage to think of such a great term! I am going to go edit my profile on the app now… 😉