ITL ENM V1.1 is in development!

V1.1 Development

We promised ourselves going into the original build of the ITL ENM Couples Dating App that we would always look for ways to improve the experience for our users. So here we are just over a month since launch and we are already deep into our next release build! In the build plan is a host of standard items such as performance improvements, bug fixes and new features. Our main focus will be to refine and improve our search and seek functions (we didn’t expect the app to take off outside of our targeted area so we left our connection parameters pretty open). You can also expect the app to only get better as we listen, learn and improve going forward with future releases.

This first build has been largely driven by feedback and our team watching for areas to improve so PLEASE keep those support tickets coming! Even if you just want to say hi – we want to hear from you! The great thing about having a team who is directly connected to various lifestyle communities and having a highly reactive support department is that we can listen to what you actually want for us to build – and then go do that!

We Listen to Feedback

As an example of listening we knew being a new dating app would present challenges until we started to see good growth in various markets. Many (and I do mean many) apps in the app stores opt to deal with this by having “profiles” which may or may not be real… We HATE this method of luring in people so decided real was best (and the only ethical way). This decision was significantly driven by feedback we saw on other apps reviews; we heard ya loud and clear (and totally agree that fake profiles are baaaad!)

Do you have an idea that you think would help others like you connect via the ITL ENM App? Simply head over to the Support Page and let us know. One of our team members will respond quickly so we can better understand how we can be of service.