7 More Tips To Make Your ENM Dating Profile Stand Out

ENM Dating Profile Tips

You’ve finally conquered your fear of getting on an ENM dating app! Now what? How do you make yourself stand out from thousands of users who claim to be looking for the same thing you are? Here’s the thing, no matter what anyone tells you, the quality of your ENM dating life is directly proportional to your ENM dating profile.

Yep! You’re going to get it all wrong if you think cheesy one-liners or political statements will help you get the dating life you desire. The truth is, all these will do is lower your potential and make your potential partners or romantic interests stay clear away from you.

So then, how do you make your ENM profile stand out? Now that you’re here, we’ll tell you. If you want your dating profile to stand out, you have to be smart about creating it. The best way to ensure you have a top-notch dating profile is to sell yourself without looking like you’re desperate to be off the market or a narcissist looking for their next source of pleasure.

We’ve put together a 7 ENM Dating Profile tips that will help you move ahead of hundreds of users and stand out from other singles on our ENM dating app! Keep reading.

Create A Stellar ENM Dating Bio

None of us like filling out our bios, but they play a vital role in how potential matches view us. Consequently, it would be best to ensure you have a perfectly crafted bio. Your profile bio is your first impression so try not to have poor punctuation, misspelled words, or unnecessary statements. Before you submit your bio, write out a draft, then go through it.

Put in a few details that will make other people want to know more about it. These should be potential conversation starters with those who want to connect and message you. If you’re an animal lover, be specific about details and talk about your pet.

If you love to travel, mention your next travel destination and why you chose this particular location. On the other hand, if you’re into music, how about naming your favorite band? Talk about everything you’re passionate about. Remember, your bio is sort of an introduction to who you are. If you love to read, talk about your favorite book and why you love it so much.

Saying you love to read is great, but you will go much further by getting specific about what genres you love to read and why they make you tick. Once you’re done with your bio draft, read it from the top and take note of the parts you can take out. Edit as much as you can and ensure what you have at the end will make your target audience want to know more about you.

Highlight Your Passions

It’s great that you’re a hot-shot lawyer, but everyone talks about what they do for a living. No one wants to talk about how much money they do or don’t make on a ENM dating app. That’s honestly a boring conversation and you would be attracting the wrong kind of people with that information.

Anyway, the bottom line is that while your career (if it’s interesting enough), might be a great conversation starter, it might not be the best way to get the conversation going. Sure, your dates want to feel comfortable knowing that you aren’t going to turn into a leech, but that’s all.

It would be best to focus on your interests even if they don’t speak to your income. If hiking is one of your interests, it would be great to highlight that. When it comes to ENM passions be sure to highlight the most important things to you and your search. Are you looking for a KTP dynamic or are you looking for casual encounters – let people know!

Consider Your Pictures

If you’ve ever been told to stop being vain, now is the time to leave that advice at the door. Optics mean everything when it comes to your ENM dating profile. Your potential dates want to see everything there is about you well, not in that sense as we need to keep our profiles within the app store guidelines, but you know what we mean.

The pictures you submit on your ENM dating profile have the potential to make and break your success. If the dating site allows you to have multiple photos on your profile, make sure you fill up all of them. Remember that too few photos won’t do you much justice, and too many will take away from your bio and interests on your profile.

You want to ensure the pictures you upload to your dating profile focus on your character, context, and color. Allow us to explain. Your profile photos should showcase your personality, context alludes to what makes you unique, and the color is for grabbing attention. Avoid group photos, mirror selfies (especially dirty mirrors!), and blurry photos. Also be very sure that your photos are RECENT!

Be Clear About What You Want

Set your expectations on your ENM Dating profile early on. What do you want out of online ENM dating? Think about whether you want a long-term relationship, a fling, or a hook-up. If you don’t know what you want yet, it’s ok to admit it.

Be honest and put what you want on your profile so that potential partners know what they’re getting into. Telling lies on your dating profile just so you can match other people is a waste of time. It’s better to know early whether you have conflicting priorities so that each person can be on their merry way.

If you still don’t know what to say, simply write a brief note highlighting what you’re looking for in a date or a relationship. Suggest something like ‘how about we meet for coffee and see how it goes.’ If you want a serious relationship, say something like ‘I’m not into the friends with benefits experience and would prefer to go on a real date.’

Show Off Your Sense Of Humor

Your dating profile should show you off as someone who appreciates a bit of humor in their life. Even so, you want to create a balance in how you address humor so that you don’t look like a joke. Keep it casual and ensure you’re not being over-the-top or sarcastic.

How about a one-liner somewhere in your ‘about me’ that shows a little goofiness on your side? You want a potential partner or date to smile when they read your profile. If you’re not sure whether what you’ve written on your dating profile makes sense, ask a friend to read through it.

If you can’t find inspiration for any funny one-liners, read a few profiles for inspiration. This will give you a few ideas for what to write on your profile.

Fill Out All The Fields Or As Many As You Can

One of the biggest mistakes most people make on their ENM dating profiles is to leave too many blank spaces. The whole point of having a dating profile is for potential matches to see whether you might be what they’re looking for.

ENM Dating profiles also serve as conversation starters so if you barely have anything on there, you greatly reduce your chances of meeting other people. Having a barely-there dating profile can also leave a lot of room for assumptions and others on the site might think you don’t care even if you truly do. At least give people something to think about and share fun facts, your interests, your hobbies, or even what you’re looking for in a partner.

Having as many questions and prompts as you can filled out on your dating profile will allow others to have meaningful conversations without necessarily filling up the first few messages with unnecessary questions. This way, you can have more high-quality partners or dates. It’s ok to put in some effort. It shows you care!

Pro Tip! NEVER Use “Will Fill In Later” It shows a HUGE lack of effort!

Try The Paid Site Version

This will come across as self serving for our app but many people think that using paid versions of a ENM dating app shows that you are invested in seeking a great match or matches. The truth is that by using a paid subscription, you’re putting yourself out there.

Paid subscriptions come with additional features that a free version of the site normally wouldn’t offer. With a subscription, you have unlimited matches and the ability to message other people or ‘like’ their profiles. If you’re not convinced about how much further a paid version will take you, give it a go for a month and see, the cost isn’t much more than a couple lattes!

Remember that being on a ENM dating site requires you to stand out against other people to get the best quality match, date, or would-be partner. If you can do anything it takes to set yourself apart, go and do it!


Making your ENM dating profile stand out isn’t the easiest thing to do. However, once you put in the effort, you will reap major rewards. You want to put yourself out there, and make yourself look the way you want to be perceived so that other people are interested in getting to know more about you. Remember not to brag, but to have humility in your honesty. If your dating profile is up and you aren’t getting much out of it, we suggest you try the tips we’ve put down and see the changes that occur.