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ITL ENM Dating App Frequently Asked Questions

Into The Lifestyle – Regardless of what the lifestyle is for you we are the platform that will help you connect to other like minded people!

When we designed the ITL ENM App our first decisions were to have a high performing and secure app. We have deployed the strongest measures available to ensure your privacy and security come first.

We want to grow in an organic way that gives our members the best experience possible. We are currently available in Canada and the USA only but are happy to look at other countries – just send us a message and let us know where you are and we can chat about opening up there!

Simply put once we find them (and verify they are not who or what they say they are) we delete them. Our members can help in this by reporting suspicious profiles as it really makes keeping our community real a lot easier.

YES PLEASE!!! We are always looking to our members for input and what is on their wishlists for the perfect ENM App. Just send us a message via this pages’ contact form and lets chat!

Typically no we do not as most are not of great quality and are just used for the purpose of a backlink. If this is not your soul desire though please feel free to reach out to us and we can discuss.

Sorta kinda! We offer both a Free and Subscription version of the app. We are different though; our free version is actually usable and not a catfish like some other apps are! Check out the home page for a pricing table!

We hope so and do everything we can to help you make connections. It will still take you presenting your best self and putting yourself out there though.

All connection apps are similar but we have done our best to stand apart by focusing on people who live and love the ENM lifestyle. ITL was founded by an ENM couple who are active in the day to day operations and development of the app and they care immensely about the experience our members have online. Any and all feedback is considered and they LOVE ideas that they receive from you – so send away!

To make changes to your subscription just visit your app store (Google or Apple) and you can cancel, change or view your subscription details there.

Yes… but we are designed to allow for each partner (yes multiple partners) to have a seperate profile and then connect them via our partners feature. This way everyone’s unique desires and attributes are well known and you can choose to chat as a group if you desire.

How many do you have? We know that each relationship is unique and sometimes that includes multiple partners – you can connect with as many as you wish on the ITL ENM App.

We are here to help!

Want to ask us a question or are you having an issue with your ITL ENM App experience? This is where you can get in touch with our world class support department to make sure you are having the best time possible with our app. Even if you have a question about Ethical Non Monogamy – we are here to help!

We pride ourselves on fast service and support, our hours of availability are:

Monday – Friday: 08:00 to 17:00 PST

(Closed on Stat Holidays)

Don’t be shy – say hello today!