Vancouver Swingers

Vancouver Swingers Parties, Sex Clubs & Sexy Things To Do

Vancouver has a big ENM, Poly and Swingers community (yes each is slightly or vastly different from each other) but the Vancouver swingers scene is underserved by lifestyle clubs, events and parties. Let’s take a look at the more well known sexy things to do in Vancouver BC… and if you have something to add to the list be sure to let us know!

Keep in mind that we might call it the “Vancouver Swingers Community” but we are referring to the entire Fraser Valley which includes cities from the east such as Chilliwack and Abbotsford all the way to Langley and Surrey and even closer to Vancouver with Coquitlam, Maple Ridge and Burnaby.

Vancouver Swingers Parties

There are many venues that have organized Vancouver swingers parties but there are even more private parties held at hotels and local swingers houses. Vancouver swingers parties or LS parties as some people call them typically are held bi-weekly at the very few clubs that service the greater Vancouver area.

Vancouver swingers house parties are almost all “private” invite only events that are frequently held in the Vancouver area. Many people wonder how to get on the invitation list for these private parties and the answer is simple; get out and meet local people! The “gatekeepers” are very friendly and as long as you click with them invites will soon arrive. The best way to meet your new local friends are by connecting with them online with an app or website that is well established in the Vancouver area or by going to local swingers clubs and meeting new sexy friends that way.

Vancouver Swinger Clubs

Swingers clubs in Vancouver are few with many only lasting a couple years when they do pop up. We have long wondered why the local Vancouver swingers scene does not, or can not, support the clubs that we hear many people want. At one point in time Club ITL almost became a reality but then the pandemic hit so that has been shelved for now.

Here are the currently active and past lifestyle / swingers clubs that you may know or have heard of in the Vancouver area:

Club Eden

One of, if not the longest running clubs in the Vancouver area, Club Eden has seen many changes over the years. From its beginnings in Delta in a large house overlooking the Fraser River to its current commercial location in New Westminster. Club Eden claim to fame is for having a large dance floor and a well appointed social area. Play space at Club Eden in the upstairs area can be a little cold at times but if you bring the heat you will not even notice it.

Club Eden is also known for its periodic theme parties which tend to sell out quickly. If you are into dancing your ass off in a sexy environment then you might want to add Club Eden in New Westminster to your list of lifestyle clubs to check out.

Kats Fantasies

Another longstanding club in the Vancouver area, Kats Fantasies has seen many changes over the years. The club, which is currently not in operation, has been in many venues throughout the Vancouver area such as Maple Ridge, Surrey and Cloverdale.

Kats Fantasies is a club that openly welcomes all and you will find both singles and couples at their parties. The future of the club is unknown at this time but we are sure Kats Fantasies will return to the Vancouver Swingers scene in one way or another.

Exclusive Fantasy

Not much is known about this brand new swingers club as it was only brought to our attention in the last few weeks. We understand that it is operating from a house in the Cloverdale area and that it caters to couples and single ladies who are in the swingers lifestyle.

Upside Down Pineapples

Another house based swingers club based in the Surrey area, Upside Down Pineapples is a relatively new swingers club in the Fraser Valley. Known for unique theme parties that sell out this open minded swingers club is well attended and has a strong following.

With Upside Down Pineapples being new there are not many reviews on the parties or the venue but the ones we have heard have been extremely positive.

PLUR Productions

Well known and established, PLUR is one of the names you think of when it comes to Vancouver KINK. With various venues and themes that incite excitement PLUR is an experience you will want to at least taste once in the Vancouver Kink Scene.

SinCity Vancouver

Known as Vancouver’s Premiere Fetish Night – SinCity hosts parties that will dazzle all of your senses. Over the top costumes, shows that will tantalize and two bars are only part of what makes this East Vancouver club a unique part of the Vancouver fetish scene.

If you like latex, leather, feathers, lingerie or anything in between you will want to check out this sexy fetish party.

Vancouver Singles

The singles scene in Vancouver can be described as hard to gauge and hard to navigate. Luckily with purpose built dating apps like ITL you can zero in on exactly what you are looking for and skip all the games other apps tend to bring to the table. You want to be able to find and meet a like minded person and be sure you are on the same page right from the start and with search parameters and interests that meet yours open minded dating is super simple with an app like ITL.

Keep in mind that being a “single” for some may mean that they have the type of relationship that allows them to date others or just have sexual experiences outside of their primary relationship. It is a very good idea to ask the important pre date questions before you get in to deep:

  • Are you truly single or do you have someone in your life that thinks you are in a relationship with them?
  • What are your dating goals?
  • Where do you see yourself a year from now?
  • Are you interested in a monogamous relationship or are you open to other types of relationships?

This short list is just a starting point, be sure to tailor yours to what you want and need as an outcome from being a Vancouver single.

Vancouver Dating Apps & Websites

While many websites and apps have members in Vancouver there is only one true Vancouver dating app and website which is Into The Lifestyle – ITL. Our swingers social network was created and launched in the Vancouver area in 2009 and our ENM Dating App recently launched in Vancouver in 2022.

ITLENM and have members all over North America and we see that membership growing each and every day. Both offer a free experience that allows you a host of connectivity options that actually work (and not frustrate you by being behind a paywall). is a completely FREE social network whereas the ITLENM app does have premium membership options if you choose to get more from your app dating experience.

Best Free Dating Sites In Vancouver

We are a wee bit biased but we do truly feel that there is only one real Vancouver dating site which is built by local Vancouver based people – It is the only place you will find open minded people who are honest about what they are looking for. You do not need to sift through dozens of fake profiles, catfishes or people who claim to be single while cheating on the ITL social network. I guess our bias is with good reason when you look at it from that point of view!

The ITL Social network is built for those looking for upminded adventure and experiences, it is a true Vancouver hookup website at its core but one that is built to be social and safe.


Vancouver dating is a fun scene that if you use the right digital tools to seek out your desires you can be sure to have loads of fun. The ITLENM app and the ITL website are two of those digital tools that will help you meet your next great date or person to adventure with. If you are looking for open minded and limitless possibilities we are sure you will find them with ITL!