What Fun Does A Black Ring Mean?

What does a Black Ring mean

We see many people ask what a black ring means and we have found there are many meanings behind wearing one AND where it is worn. In the ENM, CNM and swingers world, the black ring is known to many as a symbol so clarity is a good thing before you assume that is the intent of wearing one! Join us as we dive into what a black ring means and let’s see if it is something you want to add to your daily accessories!

The History Of The Black Ring

Black rings are not a new thing and can be traced back to ancient times. Greeks fashioned rings made of quartz called black onyx, and the Romans used black onyx to create rings used for official seals. We are not sure if they had special meaning back then but we do know both the Greeks and the Romans knew how to throw a party so who knows, maybe a black ring back then did signify a certain aspect of life like it typically does today.

Top 5 Things A Black Ring Means

Here are the top 5 reasons a person might wear a black ring. But keep in mind some people wear one just for the sake of wearing one to look cool!

  1. A black ring can signify attributes such as courage, power, or strength or even show conviction or belief. 
  2. When worn on the right-hand middle finger a black ring shows that a person identifies as asexual. The color of the ring is typically chosen due to it being a neutral color so it could be other variations on this particular finger so be aware! We have also seen this called an “ACE ring” which sounds badass!
  3. A black ring worn on the right-hand ring finger is typically a sign that the wearer is in an open relationship, is a swinger, or is part of the ethical non monogamy lifestyle.
  4. It could be just a cool ring that someone found and it happened to fit on a certain hand or finger (so doesn’t have a meaning!)
  5. For some, a black ring is worn on the left ring finger (the “wedding” finger) showing the world that the marriage is built on everlasting commitment. In a marriage, a black ring can symbolize the power of love. But keep in mind we have also heard that wearing a black wedding ring sometimes can mean a person is recently widowed so be mindful if you see a black ring on this finger.

How To Approach Someone With A Black Ring

If you want to learn more about what a black ring means – ask someone wearing one! Don’t be shy – it could lead to an amazing connection that could turn out to be your next ENM friend… with benefits! You will find when you wear one and people ask you about what your black ring mean that you can be as creative or as forthcoming as you want; the choice is yours always! One of our favorite ways to approach someone with a black ring on their right hand ring finger is to simply say the following:

That’s a nice ring, does it have a significant meaning or purpose?

Regardless of which reason a person might choose to wear a black ring, one thing we know for sure is that they are conversation starters! I can’t help but smile when I recall putting one on for the first time and later that night being engaged in conversation around it and its meaning at a local pub!

If you see a black ring while out in the “wild” and you can relate it to one of the reasons above why not strike up a conversation and see if you are right. Ask what their black ring means. Even if you are wrong human interaction is always a good thing and you might come away with a funny story to tell your friends later on. We have a feeling your senses won’t lead you astray though and you will be in for a fun chat with a new potential friend.

We think part of the fun is having the conversation and if it is what does a black ring mean to someone that is wearing one is the catalyst of that conversation then that can only lead to potential fun!


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Here is hoping the next time you are out you see a black ring and you can potentially make a very cool connection!